Owu-Isin Expedition

Owu-Isin Expedition

The trip to Owu-Isin, a little village in the peaceful outskirts of Kwara State was one to remember.

We were received warmly by the King and his people. Here they presented to us the challenges facing their elderly and young as such. Black fumes from lighting with kerosene lamps, poor electrical power supply and low battery power on their mobile devices which they use to contact friends and family in the city. All these are challenges facing the humble dwellers of rural settlements in Nigeria and most of the Urban dwellers too.

We were so glad as we could see the light of hope in their eyes as we demonstrated the possibility of generating light from heat with our little Ina Lite prototype.

We still recall their prayers and songs as they bid us farewell on our journey to the city. Its moments like this that motivate us to be a light in our world, Africa!(Friday, ‎February ‎23, ‎2018)



  1. Excellent! This product will be the fulfilment of hope!

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