Ina’ Heavy


Cook, Charge and Light with the award winning Ina`Heavy, a fully functional Charcoal/Wood Cooking
station that provides electricity while you cook to light up your stand or power mobile phones and other
small devices. It can be dismantled for easy packing, comes with a roof, Cooktop, barbecue grill, Ina`
Lite, charging port and Energy Saving Light Bulb. It is an affordable and sustainable Cooking stand for the
everyday street food vendor or merchant.

Cooktop: A wide cooking area with a flat surface to prepare an d display food.
Grill: A removable steel grill top over the barbecue area to grill your food.
Fire Pit: A wide area to generate heat by burning charcoal or wood.
Legs: Four detachable steel legs
Roof: Wide Inclined steel roof to cover you while you prepare and display your food.
USB Power Out: Our thermoelectric system gives you electricity from fire
Cooling: Inbuilt fan air cooling system for more efficiency.
Lighting: From a USB LED Energy Saving Light Bulb with mosquito repellant.



Frame & Grill Material: Steel
Output Port Type: USB Type A
Power: 5 to 15W, 5V/1A
Conducting Materials: Aluminum and Copper
Light cable length: 105cm
Light color: Pure White

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